Its composition is different depending on the variety in question, but all of them have in common their high water content. It provides a significant amount of carbohydrates, so its caloric value is high. It is rich in potassium and, as far as vitamins are concerned, in provitamin A, E and C (200 grams of pulp covers the vitamin C needs of a person). Vitamin C intervenes in the formation of collagen, bones and teeth, red blood cells and favors the absorption of iron from food and resistance to infections. Beta-carotene is transformed into vitamin A in our body as it is needed.

Nutritional value

Composition per 100 grams

  • Calories 53
  • Carbohydrates (g) 13,4
  • Fiber (g) 2,3
  • Potassium (mg) 150
  • Magnesium (mg) 9
  • Provitamin A (mcg) 25
  • Vitamin C (mg) 44
  • Vitamin E (mg) 1,8
  • Folic acid (mcg) 31

Health Benefits

Improves digestion: They are a very good alternative when it comes to improving digestion and preventing acidity, thanks to the enzymes it naturally provides that are beneficial to this system of our body. Improves heart health: It is a fruit with a high amount of pectin, a soluble dietary fiber that helps reduce blood lipid levels, thus reducing cardiovascular risk, among other benefits. It is anti-aging: It is rich in vitamins A and C, two powerful natural antioxidants that will help keep the skin and the body in general healthier and younger. In addition, they are two vitamins that directly promote collagen production, which will benefit your skin and make it firmer and healthier.

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